CRM for Telemarketing Agencies

Built for the business of Telemarketing. Spend more time with clients, less time on spreadsheets.

With WorksIQ CRM you can easily create multiple client databases, boost agent productivity and simplify client reporting.

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Multiple Client Databases

You can easily create separate databases for each of your clients. This ensures there is no danger of a client’s data being used accidentally for the wrong campaign. Your agents can seamlessly switch between client databases without needing to log out and log back in again. Each database can be branded with the client’s logo (or your own logo). Each database can be automatically setup with your standard sales process already built-in.

Click to Call

The Click to Call feature enables you to automatically dial numbers via your VoIP / Softphone simply by clicking on telephone numbers in the CRM. This reduces the amount of time spent looking up and dialling phone numbers and reduces the number of mis-dials made. If your agent is making 100 calls per day then this could save about 30 minutes per day.

Client Reporting

The “History Dashboard” provides a breakdown of all calls made and their outcomes by Agent and by date range for a given client. This data can be exported with the notes made by the agent into a spreadsheet for simple client reporting. Under “Other Reports” we can add reports bespoke to your business to quickly give you the data you need for your client reports.

Multiple Languages

WorksIQ is a Multi Language CRM, your agents can instantly change language between English, French, Spanish or Portuguese depending on the client and territory they are working on.

Call-backs and Reminders

Reps tell us they live by the “Watch Window” which non-intrusively pops-up reminders and call-backs throughout the day without disrupting your current activity. The “Add Notes” button enables your agent to easily set call-backs and reminders, record notes and update the status of a contact all from one screen. This reduces the number of clicks required when working through a high volume of calls.

Quick and Simple

Traditional CRMs are bloated with features and not built for making a high volume of calls each day. WorksIQ CRM allows your reps to get on with the job of making calls and setting appointments or developing opportunities.

Call Queues

You can create your own call queues using the “Advanced Search” and “Save As New Tab” buttons, for example you can search for all Companies with a category of “No Contact” and create a tab with those companies listed. You can then use the Next & Prev buttons to work your way through that list.

Send Email in 2 Clicks!

Each client database has a unique set of mailbox profiles and email templates so your agents can quickly send emails on behalf of clients direct from the system in just a couple of clicks. With our multi-client architecture there’s no danger of sending the wrong email to the client from the wrong mailbox.

Drag and Drop Data Import Tool

We have built a simple drag and drop import tool to help you prepare your data for import in WorksIQ CRM. Client data is often in quite a mess so we also provide services to help you resolve duplicates and omissions in your data. We can write SQL scripts and Excel macros to automate the process of reformatting data into something usable.

Monitor Activity Levels

The “History Dashboard” provides a graphical view of agent activity to ensure performance levels remain high. Charts can be added to the agents own “My Dashboard” to help encourage consistent performance.

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