Creating Leads from Emails

In this video tutorial we explain how to create sales leads automatically from emails in WorksIQ CRM. The inbound email processing can also be used to create support tickets, companies and contacts within the CRM system.

The video refers to a specification document which can be downloaded here: Inbound Email Processing Specification

If you want to automatically capture Search Engine data then you will need to add the website visitor tracking code to your website. The specification document can be downloaded here: Website & Email Integration Guide v1-1-6

Note: If you already have landing pages with lead capture forms on your website and those forms send emails to your sales mailbox then you can just get WorksIQ CRM to read those emails into the system as explained in the video.

Video Transcript

Here’s a quick look at how to setup inbound email processing in WorksIQ CRM.

First of all, let’s look at a web form on our website. In this example we have a simple form that website visitors can use to request some pricing. When the form is filled in then an email is sent to our sales mailbox and it looks something like this. What I want to do is use that email to create a new lead, automatically, in WorksIQ CRM.

To do this I need to setup a POP3 mailbox that WorksIQ CRM can read. So I click on Admin, Mailboxes then Create New.

I give the mailbox a sensible name (Sales Enquiries) and then put the in the inbound mailbox details. We don’t need to complete the outbound details right now because that is for sending emails not processing incoming emails.

You can get the mailbox details from your email service provider or a quick way is to just go into your mail client and retrieve them from the account settings.

We recommend using a dedicated mailbox that is not shared or read by other email clients. Otherwise an email may be downloaded by another mail client before our system gets a chance to read it.

We also recommend that you ensure the mailbox is empty before you start testing. If your mailbox contains emails then they will all get processed (and possibly deleted), filling your system with unwanted items.

Once you’ve entered your mailbox details we recommend you tick Delete from Server, this will prevent the same email being processed repeatedly (this may be hard coded as the default on your system).

Next you need to tell the system how to process the email. In this case I want the contents of the email to determine what gets created so I’ll set the Inbound Identifier to Formatted Email.

I’ll also tell the system how often I want to poll the mailbox. For testing purposes I’ll set this to 1 minute.

Next I’ll click save to store my new mailbox details.

I’ll edit the mailbox again and click on Test and that will attempt to connect to the mailbox using the settings you provided. If the details are incorrect then it will either tell you immediately or sometimes it may take your mail server a few minutes to timeout and respond with an error message, you can click the cancel button at the top of the screen if necessary.

Once your mailbox has been tested successfully then tick the mailbox as active and click save.

So now let’s try the form and see what happens.

Ok so it has created a lead but my email fields didn’t match what WorksIQ was expecting so it didn’t populate the fields correctly.

Let’s edit the email template. I’m using WordPress here. The first thing I need to do is add the line WorksIQFormatted in the message body to indicate that we are processing a formatted email.

Next I’m going to tell it to create a Lead and a Contact.

I’m using Contact:2 because the full name is supplied rather than FirstName LastName.

Then I want to change the name field to match the WorksIQ spec.

The Email field looks ok.

I’m going to put the units into the Lead Subject

And the comments in the Lead Description.

The description is a multi line field so it’s good practice to terminate the field using a row of dashes.

Finally I want to categorise the enquiry for my marketing dashboard. So I’m going to add fields for the Source and Type fields. These are drop downs so I need to go into the Drop Down Configuration in the Admin Section to find out their values.

So now I save my email template and let’s try it out.

The new lead is created and all the fields have been populated correctly. I can even click on the email icon to see a copy of the original email.

I hope that helps you get started with the inbound email processing. If you have any questions then please email

Date: 24th January 2014

Author: Duncan Gillingwater